Demon Killer. Wick And Violence Coil.

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8 coils fra Demon Killer.

The Demon Killer Wick and Violence Coil Pack features a variety of coils to customize your vaping experience! These coils are Kanthal A1 that comes in diff resistance ranging from 0.25 Ohms to 0.30 Ohms. Equip your rebuildables these exotic and flavorful coils! The DDemon Killer Wick and Violence Coil Pack gives you the option for more flavor, more heat, and more vapor!

Packing Details:
2pcs - A Alien V2 - 0.25ohm
2pcs - B Tsuka - 0.25ohm
2pcs - C Framed Clapton - 0.26ohm
2pcs - D Staple staggered fused - 0.30ohm
Muscle Cotton

• Package Size (mm): 70 x 65 x 50
• Weight: 40.05g
• Material:Kanthal A1
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